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Born in his imagination, with his incredible talent and passion for drawing, Marco Viozzi combines the beautiful and the living with a little sadness. In his drawings he artfully expresses beauty paired with melancholy.

About Us

Self Portrait of Marco

Marco Viozzi lives with his family in Italy. There his art as a tattoo artist is very much in demand. He is also working on his next collection, which we are excitedly awaiting.

Why Marco Viozzi?

Everybody needs a shirt and I needed a job.

Our Mission

Make cool shirts and accessories!

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Who are we

We are a family enjoying the process of working together to create original products with integrity and heart.
Love and Light!
Nicoletta, founder

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Zodiac Collection

Each design originated in Marco's imagination and found their way onto his drawing block.

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La Metamorfosi di Medusa

A masterpiece that took Marco 300 hours.

MV Prints

Free Spirit Design

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Retro by Marco Viozzi

A collection of bags featuring our unique designs.


Marco Viozzi Supports

We support programs for addiction recovery.

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